C’est l’amour ♕ It's Love

" at night we fall in love again

by morning we are barely friends.

you make your way through cluttered words

unfolding my broken ramblings

and patched up insecurities 

sometimes i hope you hate me

and other times i hope you save me. ”

Strange how this appeared as soon as we talked . Of course first love never fades . But why , why have you been appearing so often lately ? You lectured me half yelling because you were worried . You spoke to me like you used to . You texted me for advice . I know that we both have other people right now . But we both know we’re fooling everyone except for ourselves . Will we really go on hiding our true feelings like this forever ? Only appearing when the other is in dire need of being rescued ? I never wanted someone so much and you know it . No matter what you’ll always be lingering in my thoughts , walking through my heart . It’s all my fault . I’m sorry . I’m sorry . I’m sorry . I love you . I love you . I love you .

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There comes a point in time where you will be forced to accept the fact that you cannot have everything you want . The thing you want most will always be out of reach , otherwise you would not yearn for it so .

It is 3:45AM and I am lying here being eaten by my insomnia .

Yes , I could take my…

Day 22: how you judge intelligence :

observing the subjects physical movements / word choices during a conversation .

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Update : going to start writing in here again .

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Beautiful Catastrophe

There’s a storm outside . 

It’s thundering . 

And Lightening . 

It’s destructive , 

yet calming .

How does that work ? 

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Day 21: everything you wish for in a significant other

  • smells nice
  • talks a lot but isn’t annoying 
  • patient 
  • treat me like a princess ( ahahahehehehohoho ) 
  • doesn’t yell at me much 
  • makes me smile more than cry 
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Day 20: what you think makes someone beautiful

Of course , Outer beauty is important . You have to at least be able to take care of your appearance … You shouldn’t go around looking like you just woke up all of the time . But personality is also very important . Someone who is ignorant cannot be beautiful . To be beautiful you have to be accepting . That’s the key .

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Day 19: your thoughts on your family

Family has never been important to me . I’m pretty much my own family . It’s just me . My dad is alright I suppose . The people I live with are the only people I really consider family . But the people who share my blood , I’d be okay if they all disappeared . 

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hellalooyah asked: "i know the feeling prince... its gonna be okay."

haha , i’m fine ! 

but thanks .

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Today would have been our 1 year anniversary . 

So I thought about you a lot . 

It probably didn’t cross your mind … 

but that’s fine .

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